Questionnaire - Hennessy and Associates
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    What is your current employment status?
    Business Owner/Self EmployedEmployeeRetiredUnemployed

    How happy are you with your current financial status?
    Very happyHappy but could be betterNot happy and looking for optionsVery unhappy and not sure what to do

    Are you comfortable with your retirement plans?
    Very comfortableComfortable but could be betterModerateWorried and not sure what to do

    Do you have a pension plan set up?

    Do you have any income stream coming in outside of your work?

    Are you looking for a steady pension income stream?

    Are you already investing in the stock market?

    Do you have any Private Equity investments?

    Do you currently hold any Bonds?

    How knowledgeable are you about the markets?
    Very knowledgeableHave some idea but not an expertHave very little idea but understand the basicsDon’t know anything about the markets

    Would you ever consider investing in order to achieve your financial goals?

    Would you want to be an active trader or a buy-and-hold trader?
    Short-Term Active TraderBuy-and-Hold TraderDon’t know

    What kind of portfolio what you want to build?
    Aggressive Portfolio – high risk for high returnsDefensive Portfolio – low risk low returnsIncome Portfolio – assets which provide income streams through dividendsSpeculative Portfolio – Market speculation, IPOs and Venture Capital investmentsHybrid Portfolio – a mix of all of the aboveDon’t know

    What kind of stocks would you be interested in?
    Growth Stocks – long-term asset appreciationValue Stocks – assets priced lower than their fundamentalsDividend Stocks – assets which pay out regular dividendsBlue Chip Stocks – stocks of large-cap industry leadersSpeculative Stocks – volatile but potential huge returnsPenny Stocks – stocks which typically trade at lower than $10A mix of the above

    Are you interested in early-stage investments, like Start-Ups or IPOs, which can be risky but can offer huge returns?

    What sectors/industries are you most interested in?
    Information TechnologyEnergyMaterialsIndustrialsConsumer DiscretionaryConsumer StaplesHealthcareFinancialsCommunicationsUtilitiesReal EstateDon’t know/Have no preference

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