Here at Hennessy and Associates we are firm about our social and corporate responsibility. While we understand that our primary objective is to help our clients to achieve financial success, and assist them in protecting their wealth in order to ensure their financial future, we also feel a strong responsibility towards the businesses and companies which we are involved with.

We always strive to make our corporate partners more socially aware and encourage them to uphold the same principles of social and corporate responsibility as we have here at Hennessy and Associates. We promote the same ethical standards of fiduciary responsibility that we adhere to, and we urge all of our partner companies to be clear and honest with their business practices.

Hennessy and Associates as an institution believes in responsible investing and in helping our corporate partners become strong and successful businesses, which can in turn bolster their own community by generating jobs and business opportunities for the people around them. We always maintain a long-term perspective for any investments or strategic partnerships which we are involved in.

We also believe that here at Hennessy and Associates we have a role to play in helping to improve the economic conditions of our community, which we maintain by offering grants or interest-free loans to support local businesses. We have also initiated several business schemes which are designed to identify start-ups and fledgling businesses in our community which are in need of funding or resources.

Hennessy and Associates as a company makes regular contributions to local charities but we also fund various projects which are aimed at finding and supporting individual entrepreneurs with financing, business development and corporate guidance, and the sharing of any resources that we have at our disposal. We will always strive to make the community around us as prosperous and successful as possible.


There are several Hennessy and Associates community projects which are operational at the present time and for more information, or if you would like to be involved, either as a sponsor or a recipient, please contact us at

We also offer interest-free financing for the construction of affordable housing  in the local region. These loans and subsidies are available primarily to individuals who earn less than 70% of the local median income, or to companies who are seeking bridging loans for the development of affordable housing.

There are also various Hennessy and Associates-sponsored initiatives which are designed to foster the economic development and advancement of distressed communities, or areas which have been recently designated as “Disaster Areas”, and we offer grants and interest-free loans to businesses which are engaged in work which will positively bolster those communities.

If you are interested in applying for one of these programs, applicants must contact us at in order to request an Application Form. Please state clearly within the email body which program you are interested in:

  • Interest-free Loans for Affordable Housing
  • Interest-free Loans for Disaster Areas Regeneration

Program Criteria:

  1. Projects must be targeted at low-income or disaster areas
  2. Businesses must be engaged in activities which benefit their community economically
  3. Projects must include economic-empowerment services or affect sacred spaces

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