Here at Hennessy Associates we believe in offering all of our clients the same investment opportunities regardless of their investment capabilities. We will first consult with you in order to establish your financial objectives and investment risk tolerance, and we will then present you with a structured investment strategy which best suits your investment goals. We will then offer advice and guidance on the most suitable investment opportunities and carry out any of the transactions on your behalf.

Here at Hennessy and Associates we have a team of extremely knowledgeable financial consultants who are experts at identifying the right investment opportunities for our clients. We have a presence in all the major sectors and industries on a global scale, we carry out detailed financial evaluations of any potential investment targets, and we maintain a close watch on any geopolitical and economic events which may cause market fluctuations, in order to present you with the most suitable investment opportunities.

We can invest via direct means or investment funds in:

  • Stocks – Common, preferred or restricted stock
  • Fixed-Income Securities – Low risk bonds which can provide regular income and portfolio protection
  • Futures Products – We have a wide range of Futures products with both hedging and speculative options
  • Mutual Funds – We have an extensive range of Mutual Funds and No Transaction-Fee Funds
  • ETFs – Over 150 Commission-free ETFs from leading providers for more capital liquidity
  • Options – Speculate using the power of leverage while hedging your position in order to minimize your risk exposure
  • IPOs – We scrutinize the IPO market and identify the right companies to invest in

Contact us if you are looking for exciting investment opportunities and help with managing your financial affairs